3 Reasons to Quit Your Diet Now

If you’re reading this article, you have probably come here because of past disappointments or frustrations with your current diet food plan. There is a reason why so many people struggle with diets and dieting -They simply DON’T work! Weight loss is a struggle for so many people, but it’s usually not for the reasons you might think. The following list of three reasons to quit your diet now explores how diets fail the people that use them and how you may benefit from not dieting at all!1 – Diets Neglect Your Physiological NeedsLike any mechanism, your body requires certain things to function properly and even optimally. When we understand food’s role as fuel for our bodies, the problems with the vast majority of diets becomes clear. Flash diets -the kinds of diets that promise unrealistic results- are actually diets of deprivation, meaning they fail to fulfill what your body requires.As strange as it may sound, your body WANTS to lose weight! It does this through your metabolic rate (the rate at which your body can break down and utilize the energy you provide it through food). Your metabolism is the fat-burning engine that drives your body towards fat loss success, but it requires energy to do its job! Therefore, it is crucial that you provide your body with the things it needs to function to its optimum potential. This means regular, nutritionally dense meals consisting of proportional amounts of complex carbs, healthy fats, proteins and vitamins. How many flash diets actually want you to eat more? Not many…2- Diets Are Far Too BroadAnother reason that so many people struggle with diets is the lack of customization within them. Everybody is different, and your weight loss or fat loss plan should reflect your uniqueness. Most flash diets provide generic advise that doesn’t consider respective metabolic rates, current fitness level or eating habits. These are crucial considerations if anyone is to expect real results in their pursuit of fat loss success. The more specialized and streamlined your efforts are, the more likely it is that you will find success and stick with it!3- Diets are Not SustainableLastly, there is the problem of sustainability. So far we have discussed the broadness and the lack of physiological nourishment inherent in popular diets; these are contributors to the struggle most people have with maintaining their diet. Because flash diets deprive you of so much necessary energy and fail to cater to your individual needs, they leave you lethargic, depressed and disappointed. These poor symptoms inevitably lead most people to regress back to the poor habits that were making them fat in the first place.Weight loss will never be sustainable if you are not feeling stronger in every aspect of your life -physically, mentally, spiritually- and that’s where so many diets fail to deliver. Results may briefly show up on the scale but at what cost? It is important to always consider your quality of life in any of the circumstances you find yourself in while dieting.

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