Weight Loss Diets for Women

With all the weight loss diets for women out there, it’s easy to get confused. It seems that there are diets revolving around every type of food out there, including cookies (something I do not recommend). So what’s the best weight loss diets for women that you can use to start lose weight now?Low Carbs DietThis is the most popular diet plan circulating today, and it is also one of the most misunderstood ones out there. In fact most major diets revolve around this concept. Cut your carbs, replace them with lean protein and lose weight. But this diet has many flaws.First of all many people believe that carbs ‘stick to your hips’. This is not true. While simple carbs do convert to fat more than protein, once it becomes fat, it’s indistinguishable for other body fat.Another problem is that many diets consider fruit as carbs. While technically this is true, any diet that restricts the amount of fruit you eat is utterly absurd. Fruit along with complex carbs like whole wheat does not translate into fat like simple carbs like pasta and white sugar.So yes while it makes sense to limit your simple carbs (anything made out of white flour, or sugar etc…) you should not cut complex barbs from your diet.Grapefruit DietThis is a diet that has been gaining popularity recently. There are many different variations of the diet. The most popular being you replace 1-2 meals per day with grapefruit. What’s good about this diet?Grapefruit does promote rapid fat loss, although why is still unknown. This makes grapefruit ideal to include in any weight loss plan.The bad?Replacing too many meals with grapefruit can cause you to create a mineral deficiency. Any diet that has you eating the same food every day will make it hard for your body to accumulate the array of vitamins and minerals it need to thrive.While you should include grapefruit into your weight loss plan for women, make sure you are eating many other foods throughout the day.I hope this helps clear up some confusion about some popular diet plans out there. Remember, moderation is always key.

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