Dr Robert O Young and His Main Contribution to a Healthy Diet

There have been many kinds of diet that were introduced in the society. And one of these diets is alkaline diet. Alkaline diet is also known as pH miracle diet or Young diet because it was created by Dr. Robert O. Young.As we can see from the trend, the first diet that was known to people was a low-fat diet. And it was followed by a low carbohydrate diet like South Beach Diet, Sugarbusters and Protein Power.And still people want to try other kinds of diets. And the popular diet nowadays is this alkaline diet.Alkaline diet involves a balance pH condition. Our body fluid must maintain a balanced pH which is alkaline and not acidic. The ideal pH range must be 7.3-7.4. This is an alkaline state.As we can remember, the pH of an alkaline condition is above 7. The pH level is said to be acidic if it is below 7. And if the pH is equal to 7, it is said to be neutral.One good thing about alkaline diet or young diet of Dr. Robert O. Young is that it focuses on the true nutritional needs of the body. This is the reason why it has made a big advantage of the high protein, low carbohydrate diet.Because the ideal pH of the body must be alkaline, we must take alkaline more of alkaline foods and not acidic foods. We know that caffeine, sugar, alcohols and cigars are bad for our health. These are all acid foods.Red meats, pasta, rice and pastries are also considered acidic. Even if FDA recommended whole wheat products such as rice, oats and wheat, they are not good for our health. This is according to alkaline diet. These foods are acidic and so do not do good for our health.However, there are alkaline grains that are known to be good for our body. These are buckwheat, quinoa and spelt.Alkaline foods consist of most fruits and vegetables. Some of the popular fruits that fall under this category are lime, lemon, grapefruit, avocado, watermelon and apple. There are many vegetables that are under alkaline foods. Among them are asparagus, garlic, squash, broccoli and cauliflower.These kinds of foods are really very helpful! They make you stay younger, healthy and strong. They even build a better immune system. It is because alkaline foods have antioxidants that fight harmful elements that accumulate inside the body.

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